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Contrary to what many people say, Chicken coops can be made from almost anything – an old shed,  trailer, using scrap lumber, PVC pipes, 50 gallon barrels, tarps, kits, and many more pieces of recycled material from around the house.

Wood, as many of you may know, is the most commonly used material for coop building. Depending  on the size of your coop however, buying new timber can get expensive too, so why not recycle timer as well?!

Do you know a builder, or a carpenter? Ask them to keep some off-cuts for you on their next job.

Another option is to actually look for businesses which sell used or scrap timber. This can often work out very well for you indeed. You may even get your hands on some old windows and doors to complete the job, but it’s not for those afraid of getting their hands dirty! Be prepared to pull out old nails, cut up broken pieces, and give it a good clean up.

Chicken Coop plans that you can download online such as the chicken coop plans I’ve reviewed here – Building a Chicken Coop Plans – suggest that you could save up to 50% versus a store bought one, when you do it yourself…

I reckon you can save even more if you are smart about the materials your source!

Good Luck!


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  • By John Fowler, May 4, 2009 @ 1:03 am

    To anyone considering getting chickens, the book looks like it has a wealth of information.

    The plans are good as well, but not what I needed.

    Can Bill or Stephanie Keene or Matt Anfuso please contact me.

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