Keeping Your Chickens Safe

Keeping Chickens in the Back Garden: Keeping Your Chickens Safe

Keeping chickens safe can be a big job. Predators, whether in the city or rural areas, can be very persistent.

The key is making their pen or chicken coop as secure and strong as possible. Use as many security measures as your budget will allow.

  • Make sure windows and doors close tightly.
  • Regularly check screens and wire for holes and tears.
  • Consider lining the floor of your coop with chicken wire or concrete if possible.
  • Some people dig walls 30 cm into the ground to stop predators digging between walls and floor.

Consider using your pet or another animal to ‘guard’ the flock from intruders:

  • Before using ‘Rover’ to protect your chickens, make sure he’s the placid type, and won’t chase them.
  • Are the chickens familiar with the dog? Can they override their natural instinct to be scared of large, loud animals? Think about this before settling on a guard dog – or the poor chickens might die of fright before the predators get near!
  • Geese, donkeys, llamas and alpacas have all been known to scare off predators around chicken coops.

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