Chicken Coop Designs – Requirements

Providing your chickens with proper housing is an absolute must if you wish  to keep your birds in good physical shape.

As a general rule  of thumb, for a chicken coop to be satisfactory for your birds, it must meet the following requirements at a minimum:

  • It must be predator-proof from all sides. Make sure that all openings are protected with the correct size of wire mesh – 15mm square so that so that predators can not reach inside the coop!
  • Make sure that the area surrounding the coop is protected with wire-mesh fencing with the base buried at least 30cm below ground level to prevent foxes and rats from burrowing into the area. Rats would especially be drawn into the area because of chicken droppings.
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Why Raise Chickens?

Of all the animals that people can raise as pets, chickens are unique in the sense that they produce something edible compared to other pets like dogs, horses, cats and fish. In fact, raising chickens for pets pay off in the long run as they are a source of fresh meat and eggs unlike what you normally buy in the supermarket.

And considering the craze about organic food, with your own backyard chickens it is very easy to produce your own organic eggs and poultry meat – all you have to do is feed your chickens organic chicken feed. Organically fed chicken that roam freely, eat grass are proven to lay eggs that have higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E while having lower cholesterol content!

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Chicken Coop Materials

Contrary to what many people say, Chicken coops can be made from almost anything – an old shed,  trailer, using scrap lumber, PVC pipes, 50 gallon barrels, tarps, kits, and many more pieces of recycled material from around the house.

Wood, as many of you may know, is the most commonly used material for coop building. Depending  on the size of your coop however, buying new timber can get expensive too, so why not recycle timer as well?!

Do you know a builder, or a carpenter? Ask them to keep some off-cuts for you on their next job.

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Chicken Coop Building Tips

If you’ve decided to build your own chicken coop, then there are some important things that you must think about before you start. Some people (I’ve made this mistake) Jump straight into building and buying chickens, and have no idea of all the other important factors that must be dealt with first before you even start to build your coop.

In the end, if you neglect the important factors below, you’ll end up wasting time and money, so rather than doing that, keep the following coop building tips in mind and you’ll be sure that you’re making all the right decisions when building your coop.

So, here are the top 3 tips for building your Chicken Coop.

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